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As the door closed behind her

He watched helpless as the door closed behind her. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to stop her from leaving. Quite the opposite in fact.

After the way they’d been treated…

Why shouldn’t they help themselves, after the way they’d been treated? The feeling of indignation at being viewed as no more worthy of consideration than remnants of dirt on a shoe was palpable. So yes, they refused to be held accountable for the course of action they were now following in response to such treatment. As far as they were concerned, the arrogant, self-righteous twats who started all this deserved everything that was now coming to them. One swift whack to the base of the skull with the butt of a gun and the lone guard at the door was out cold. Far easier than any of them had admittedly anticipated. Before all this, before the mayhem and chaos of the worst month of their relative young lives, they had seen their fair share of unrealistic yet entertaining action films. However none of them had really expected it to work. Except maybe the youngest of them, who had in fact been the one to suggest it in the absence of any other viable suggestions from the others. But even he was more sceptical than optimistic and the sense of responsibility pressing down on his shoulders in the moments leading up to the execution of their plan had been heavier than he was comfortable with. He couldn’t help but feel rather chuffed with himself as he gazed down smugly at the unconscious man sprawled out across the dirty floor in the dimly lit hallway.

They truly hadn’t wanted it to come to this. Avoidance of unnecessary conflict and the minimising of immoral and outright unkind behaviour had in fact become their most recent group motto. Not one of them felt good about how events were now playing out, particularly as this latest of mottos had only just been implemented and was being blatantly disregarded so soon. This was exactly the type of ill-advised behaviour and decision making they had attempted to prevent by bravely shouldering their arms and approaching the compound by the front door, hands raised in what they had taken for granted as being the universal sign of ‘We come in peace, please don’t bloody shoot us!’. That specific gesture had in fact resulted in no shots being fired, at least not in their general direction. Unfortunately that was the only positive outcome they were able to glean from the entire exercise. Whatever it was they might have been expecting to transpire as they had all but begged and pleaded for help, it certainly wasn’t having the door literally slammed closed in their desperate faces.

They shared the common belief that the world may have gone entirely to shit around them, but there was absolutely no need for such brazen rudeness, no matter how bad a day someone might be having. Remove common decency and kindness from what remained of the human population and what would be left? Not a whole lot, they figured. At least nothing sufficient to stop everything descending into complete and utter anarchy. And wasn’t that worth fighting for? The mission had become as much about teaching these heartless fools a lesson as it was about getting their hands on what they had came here for. If the worst it amounted to was knocking out one unfortunate soul and walking away with what they needed without permission, well the ends surely justified the means. Sure, he would be privy to one hell of a headache when he eventually came round. But any day they could get through without blood on their hands was a success. So far, so good.

…a work of fiction…

The world through different eyes

You know it has been too long between travel adventures if you struggle to remember where exactly you went on your last one. When I finally found myself venturing off on my first trip for 2018 recently, that was very much the case.